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Ocushield - Anti-blue light screen protectors

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Medically-rated blue light blocking screen protectors for iPhone and Android.
Created by Optometrists, we are proud to have obtained the world's first and only medical rating for a blue light filtering screen protector. Our products block harmful blue light from digital screens which can cause insomnia, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision, with children and teenagers particularly at risk. Not only do our products protect your eyes and sleep, we use high quality tempered glass with oleophobic coating to ensure your screen is protected from grubby fingers and life's knocks and bumps. Ocushield protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non-harmful light through the screen, meaning no retro orange tinge - just a full colour crystal clear screen.
Product Details
  • Accredited Class 1 Medical Device
  • Improve sleep and protect your eyes with our blue light filter
  • No retro orange tinge, a crystal clear picture
  • Super-strong tempered glass to protect your screen
  • Applicator included, no more worrying about bubbles
  • Design & developed in the UK, shipped worldwide
Also available from Ocushield are our iPad, monitor, laptop and MacBook screen protectors, as well as our anti blue light glasses!
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Feel better, sleep better, get more done
Ocushield is the world’s first and only medically-rated blue light blocking screen protector. Developed by British optometrists and eye health experts, Ocushield screen protectors attach to your phones, tablets and computers to effectively block up to 90% of the most harmful UV and blue light emissions. And unlike software and app solutions, Ocushield works around the clock without discolouring your screen. The result is a better night’s sleep, fresher-feeling eyes and a happier and more productive you!
Blue Light. What’s that about?
Blue light is a segment of the visible light spectrum responsible for keeping you alert. Its presence in sunlight gives our brains a cue that it’s time to wake up and seize the day. But the blue light which comes out of your digital devices is doing you more harm than good, keeping you in an unnatural state of alertness which can cause eye strain, headaches and fatigue. It also restricts the brain’s production of Melatonin, a chemical which helps us sleep, dramatically impacting your mood and general productivity.With Google searches for blue light screen protectors having increased in the UK as much as 45% since 2017, it’s clear that the impact of blue light is being felt. And let’s be honest, people aren’t about to stop using screens any time soon! Plus, with more and more children worldwide using digital devices to play, study and connect with friends, the importance of a healthier approach to screen use can’t be overstated.
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What is the difference between Ocushield or apps such as Nightshift and Flux?Software to reduce blue light is a great aid. Although downsides of the software are – you tend to only turn them on in the evening when the sunsets, so what about blue light emitted from screens during the day which causes eye strain? Furthermore, the orange colour created by the software can be overpowering and ruin image quality, stopping you doing work or enjoying viewing movies and images. Ocushield screen protectors have far better transparency than software allowing you to have a better viewing experience while limiting the amount of blue light emitted. See an article published in Digital Trends on why we’re better here..How much blue light is reduced by Ocushield products?Ocushield screen protectors block 90% of blue light between wavelengths 380nm to 420nm and up to 35% blue light from 420 to 500nm. Ocushield glasses and clip-on lenses block 95% of blue light between wavelengths 380nm to 420nm and up to 40% from 420 to 500nm. This is a large amount to reduce the spike in blue light wavelengths causing eye strain and sleep disturbance.We have developed Ocushield products with user experience at the forefront so image clarity is not affected while protecting you from harmful blue light. Removing more than 40% of blue light(420-500nm) from a device screen would mean the contrast of the image would be very poor and you would not enjoy the product. Please click here to learn about the different wavelengths of blue light. to learn about the different wavelengths of blue light.You don’t have a size for my device, what can I do?Due to dozens of devices out there, we can only manufacture for a select few depending on demand.If you want an Ocushield screen protector and you have a device that’s not listed such as a Samsung Galaxy Tablet – you can simple order a Ocushield screen protector for 17′ monitors. With this you can measure up the device you have and cut the screen protector with some sharp scissors down to an appropriate size. This is frequently done by our customers.. With this you can measure up the device you have and cut the screen protector with some sharp scissors down to an appropriate size. This is frequently done by our customers.How long will the Ocushield screen protector last?With everyone using their devices everyday extensively – Ocushield screen protectors usually have a lifespan of 1-2 years before they need replacing due to wear and tear.Is the Ocushield screen protector permanently attached to the laptop screen?No. It is removable. Note – reapplying after removal means the finish is not flush as when first applied.How much does Shipping cost?USA & Rest of the World: flat rate of $7 (USD). Items can take up to 15 working days to arrive, on average 6 working days.UK: £3 (GBP). Items can take up to 4 working days to arrive, on average 2 working days.Returns Policy100 day refund.For whatever reason that you may want to return your purchase, we accept all returns and provide a full refund. We will refund shipping costs that were initially paid too. You will have to pay the shipping cost back to us.